Pope Francis Suggests Universal Basic Wage

Bianco Monocerus white and Giallo Tiberino gold Lamborghini Huracán LP580-2 gifted to Pope Francis in November 2017 In his Easter address to popular movements of the world, Pope Francis encouraged activists to keep up their efforts and their hope under the pressure of a pandemic. He repeated familiar refrains about the “idolatry of money” and “ecological... Continue Reading →

Covid-19 Killed 21 Million in China

New data intercepted by the United States reveals that 21 million people died in China from December 2019 to March 2020, US intelligence officials concluded in a classified report for the Trump administration. The Intelligence report stated that at least 20.9 million of the deaths were linked to Covid-19. According to the US, the intercepted... Continue Reading →

Cirque du Soleil’s Covid-19 Woes

Affecting over 4,600 employees and about 95% of its overall workforce, Cirque du Soleil is exploring debt restructuring options, including a potential bankruptcy filing in light of the worsening coronavirus. Forced to cancel their regular Las Vegas shows, the revered Montreal-based circus company has temporarily laid off a majority of its staff due to the... Continue Reading →

Quick Digital Identity Protection

Remember the days when one password was all it took to make you feel safe and secure in your very own, cozy spaces in the digital world? Our passwords were often the names of our loved ones, with a few digits related to their birthdate tacked onto the end (if we were extra careful, that... Continue Reading →

Distilleries Help with Covid-19

As the distiller behind Los Angeles’ Amass, Morgan McLachlan spent the first couple months of 2020 on the road visiting many of her major markets, from London and Paris to San Francisco. She also happens to be pregnant—which, she says, made her feel “more vulnerable when traveling, and so maybe more aware of the coronavirus... Continue Reading →

Manhattan $750K Auto Accident

Life as we know it may have ground to a halt because of the coronavirus outbreak, but some things refuse to change. For some of our most well-to-do citizens, the global crisis doesn’t appear to have subdued the most self-centered impulses. Case in point: the owner of a Gemballa Mirage GT, who totaled his ultra-rare car after... Continue Reading →

Private Jet Operator on Impacts of Covid-19

The private jet industry has experienced a boom in inquiries Private jet operator flyExclusive is expecting a surge in interest once the US wins the fight against the novel coronavirus Covid-19 and returns to normal, says executive vice president Allen Thomas. The private jet industry has experienced a peak in demand due to the near-total... Continue Reading →

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