Pope Francis Suggests Universal Basic Wage

In his Easter address to popular movements of the world, Pope Francis encouraged activists to keep up their efforts and their hope under the pressure of a pandemic. He repeated familiar refrains about the “idolatry of money” and “ecological conversion.” But he also allowed himself to offer a single policy proposal that movements might work toward:… Continue Reading →

Covid-19 Killed 21 Million in China

New data intercepted by the United States reveals that 21 million people died in China from December 2019 to March 2020, US intelligence officials concluded in a classified report for the Trump administration. The Intelligence report stated that at least 20.9 million of the deaths were linked to Covid-19. According to the US, the intercepted… Continue Reading →

Elevating Dinner During Self Isolation

Extravagant centrepieces, or tablescapes, have been a thing since the days of Downton Abbey and beyond. They were first introduced during the 18th century as a means for the upper classes to show off their wealth, hiring decorators to create theatrical scenes with elaborate silver ornaments and the like – which were talked about more… Continue Reading →

Best Luxury Bar Accessories for Home

During these uncertain times, everyone has shifted into a new, albeit temporary, normal. Spending more time at home means we have plenty of time to enjoy our surroundings. Now is perfect time to elevate decor and accessories in your home – including creating a chic at-home bar with luxury accessories that rival those of your… Continue Reading →

Limited Edition Aston Martin Brough Superior

“As fast and reliable as express trains and the greatest fun in the world to drive,” opined TE Lawrence (of Arabia) when speaking of his love for Brough Superior motorcycles back in the 1920s. Who knows what he would have made of the latest two-wheeler to carry the Brough name: the high-tech AMB-001 that’s the… Continue Reading →